The Purpose and Nature of Membership

Membership entitles the individual to play a part in steering the ethos and development of CCT and in advising on its modes of operation.

Members will be individuals who are closely involved in the leadership or operation of CCT, or people who have a clear stake in its success. Application for membership can be made at the AGM or at any other time by contacting the CCT Secretary for an application form. There will be no charge for membership.

Rights and Responsibilities of Members

All members will be invited to attend Annual General Meetings (AGM) and any Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM).

Members are entitled to vote on resolutions made at these meetings. They also have the right to bring forward proposals for change in the form of resolutions and to nominate and vote on the appointment of Directors for the Board.

Categories and Conditions of Membership

There will be 4 categories of membership:

  • Director Member
  • Driver Member
  • User Member
  • Honorary Member

Director Member

Membership is automatic and will cease when the Director ceases to be a director. Directors will be notified accordingly.

Driver Member

Drivers are approved by the Directors and membership will be automatic. It will cease when the driver ceases to be a driver. Drivers will be notified accordingly. Membership is valid until the Member’s relevant role ceases or until the member informs us of their wish to relinquish membership by contacting the CCT Secretary.

User Member

The majority of CCT users are groups with similar needs or interest groups (groups of like-minded individuals from the local community). A User Member will automatically be deemed to be the person who represents the group. However, others in the group, who wish to be members may also apply. If, during the course of the year, a group’s representative changes they should notify the CCT Secretary.  Membership is subject to approval by the Directors.

Honorary Members

Honorary Members enjoy life membership and will be appointed by the Directors. Honorary Members are likely to be people who have regularly supported, or continue to support CCT in a variety of ways. Honorary Members are invited by the Directors to become lifelong members.

Applying for and Registering User Membership

The Membership Application Form will be found on the website or by contacting the CCT Secretary. A supply of these forms is also kept on the bus.

Application for membership  should be sent directly to the CCT Secretary.

A Director will always sign the form to confirm membership on behalf of all Directors. Once received, forms will be passed to the Secretary who will add members’ names to the register.

The Secretary will monitor membership and report regularly to CCT Committee meetings on compliance with these rules.

Proxy Members

Members unable to attend any meeting may nominate a proxy by completing the form on the CCT website.

Relinquishing Membership

Complete the Membership Resignation Form or contact the CCT Secretary.

Membership policies were revised with effect from 19th November 2018.