The information on this page relates to the basis on which Congresbury Community Transport is operated and managed. We are a registered charity and a limited company. As such we are governed by our ‘Articles of Association’; if you like a good read – click here to view them.

The Articles include our Objects which say why we exist. These are extracted below:

To provide relief and help to the people of Congresbury village and surrounding area, especially those who have need because of age, mental or physical disability, poverty or social isolation, in particular but not exclusively by:

  1. Providing and maintaining non profit making community transport services.
  2. Assisting the charitable work of organisations and bodies engaged in promoting help for such persons by providing appropriate services.
  3. Contributing to mobility and working in the community in furtherance of the above.

In the day to day running of the minibus we are governed by our policies. These can be viewed by clicking on the titles below:

Accountability & Transparency Booking the Minibus Complaints Procedure
Confidentiality Equal Opportunities Financial Procedures
Fund Raising Membership Volunteer Drivers

Forms needed to support the management of Congresbury Community Transport can be downloaded from the links below:

Membership Application Membership Resignation
Nomination Board Directors Request For Proxy Member