The Directors recognise the importance of maintaining transparent guiding principles concerning the booking of the Congresbury Community Transport (CCT) minibus. The following principles are based on the Articles of Association.

The service is provided for the inhabitants within Congresbury and the surrounding area and primarily for those that have specific need because of:

  • Age
  • Mental or physical disability
  • Poverty
  • Social isolation

Secondary to the above, it is also intended to provide a door-to-door social transport service that is not available through public transport, at economic cost.

The Board of Directors has delegated to the Bookings Manager all day-to-day interpretation of the above guiding principles as well as decisions over specific bookings.

General Guidelines

Bookings may be made by any individual, group or organisation within North Somerset and its immediate surroundings.

CCT will provide the approved volunteer driver, unless the booker can supply a driver with the requisite qualifications.

First priority will be given to bookings that meet the primary purposes as listed above.

Priority will be given to bookings made in advance of the date required.

The Bookings Manager  will discuss with the organisation or individual making the booking, to decide which of the following two hire charge methods shall apply, with discretion for first time hirers:

  • An agreed half-day or day fee + a mileage charge.
  • An agreed fee based on the numbers and the journey.

The minibus carries a maximum of 15 passengers.

When hired to transport Children or Vulnerable Adults (as defined by current legislation), the hirer must provide the required number of suitable “adult escorts” as agreed with the Bookings Manager.