The Board of Directors recognises the importance of good communication and transparency in maintaining accountability to all its stakeholders (these include members, the local community, Congresbury Parish and North Somerset District Councils , Companies House and the Charity Commission). Transparency is essential to ensure that:

Resources are being used wisely and for the stated purpose.

The organization is led and managed effectively and with proper probity CCT is delivering its service efficiently and effectively.

Resources are sufficient to enable it to continue and develop its activities.

Evaluation and Reporting

The Annual Report and Annual Accounts will provide information to allow all stakeholders to assess the overall performance of Congresbury Community Transport (CCT). Information will include investments, review of accounting policies, a summary of all funds available, and details of current strategies and future plans.

Reports will meet the following criteria:

Compliance with the reporting requirements of Companies House and of the Charity Commission.

The requirements set out in CCT’s Articles of Association.

Meeting the requirements of the “Statement Of Recommended Practice: Accounting & Reporting by Charities” regulations (SORP).

Provision of information to assist all stakeholders in understanding CCT’s structure, activities, achievements and outcomes.

Provision of information to stakeholders to help them assess CCT’s effectiveness and performance.

The Directors will endeavour to seek feedback from and clarify the expectations of members and stakeholders and will undertake research into improving the service.